We can offer the ER, HDR and SR series in order to meet the different requirements, so that the optimal performance could be delivered.

The functions and benefits of our reciprocators:

The three types of reciprocators are all stylishly designed and robustly constructed. They guarantee long term repeated performance. The use of digital positioning, PLC and other state of the art control components ensure the best machines are designed and built for our customers.

Our reciprocator can be supplied with simple manual control or advanced touch screen control with programmable features. We can also supply 2-Axes reciprocators or robotic equipment upon requests.


1.Steady movement, simple operation.
2.Stroke length and variable switch points within the maximum stroke distance are    adjustable from the control panel.
3.PLC control of up to 250 programmes.
4.Two-axes systems are available for special projects.

Reciprocator Series:

1.Series ER Programmable Long-stroke Reciprocator: six automatic spray guns.
2.Series HDRP Programmable Heavy-duty Long-stroke Reciprocator: Nine automatic spray guns max.
3.Series SR Programmable Short-stroke Reciprocator: Stroke range 100 to 400mm.