DDF Powder Pump and Control System

The powder pump is the heart of all powder coating systems and the latest DDF4 powder pump from Ramseier Koatings can achieve high powder density and low velocity delivery.

The DDF4 powder pump has proven to be user friendly and highly reliable even when working under long hours and demanding conditions of hot and humid environments. The DDF4 powder pump will give a smooth and consistent powder delivery over the whole range of different powder types.


The new DDF4 powder pump has incorporated user friendly and simple control for surge free powder delivery in relation to different delivery distance and powder type.


The robust internal construction is designed to work with high pressure cleaning requirement of modern fast colour change systems.


The DDF4 pumps can potentially offer vast saving in compressed air consumption when compares to conventional venturi / injectors. The low powder transport speed will ensure a much longer charge time (2.5 x) for the powder particles and form the basis of the “Soft Spray” effect and high powder transfer efficiency.


Main Benefits:

·Long term consistent powder delivery and superior film thickness control
·Long service cycle and minimal production down time
·Minimal operating cost on consumable parts
·Large saving on cost of compressed air
·Low powder speed leads to “SoftSpray” effect and high powder transfer efficiency