PMC Close Circuit Powder Management Center

The closed circuit powder management system is designed to work with the DDF pumps so that the powder can be delivered in the HDLV manner to the guns. The stable and consistent powder delivery to the guns ensures the long term performance of the Soft Spray technique and a consistent evenness in the coating.

Soft transfer – new development in coating technology

The year 2000 saw the invention of the DDF powder pump which enabled the transfer of powder at high powder to air ratio (dense flow). The technique has enabled the stable transfer of powder over long distance.  In the European and American marks the technique has quickly become popular in many industries.  Ramseier Koatings patented the technique in 2001 and incorporated it with the PMC - Powder Management Center, an advance close circuit powder transfer system.

PMC Powder Management Center
No matter whether one is installing a new set of powder coating equipment or upgrading an existing plant, an upgrade to the PMC system will include DDF powder pumps, virgin powder supply, powder hopper, powder sieve and control cabinet.

PMC Powder Management Center with “SoftSpray” technology
The core of the PMC (Powder Management Center) is the patented DDF pump, which can transfer powder in the “high-density, low-velocity” manner.  Compared with the traditional Venturi pump, the DDF pump can transfer the same amount of powder with less air and slower velocity thereby the Soft Spray effect is achieved. Due to the slower velocity, the powder coming out of the gun will have a much better charge than otherwise.